Blue Bombers’ Positional Roster Grades: Offense

The Bombers final cuts have been made as the team prepares for their home-opener on Friday against the Montreal Alouettes. In year three of the Mike O’Shea, Kyle Walters era, look for the offense, under the guidance of Paul Lapolice, to progress into a top-five unit this season.

A or higher = great
B+ or A- = above-average
B = average
C+ or B- = below-average
C or lower:  very poor


Additions: None

Starter: Drew Willy

Depth: Matt Nichols, Dominique Davis, Brian Bennett

Practice-Roster: None

Drew Willy enters his third-season as a starting quarterback with something to prove, whether he admits it or not. It’s clear that he’s starting quarterback material – two years is enough to prove that. What could be Willy’s ceiling, however, remains to be seen; can the 29-year-old develop into an elite quarterback in a division filled with elite quarterbacks? As talented a passer as he is, I think his ceiling tops off as a solid starter with a high floor. He’s a hard quarterback to protect, struggling to make throws while under duress. But a change in philosophy, as well as the upgrades around the Buffalo product, will somewhat compensate for his flaw. For Matt Nichols, however, it takes much more to go right for him to have success. Acquired for a seventh-round pick, Nichols seemed to be a bottom-tier second-string when has brought in from Edmonton. While he’s the best backup quarterback the Bombers have had in years, he’s no Drew Tate or Travis Lulay.

Grade: B-


Additions: Andrew Harris (FA), Pascal Lochard (FA), Timothy Flanders (INT rookie)

Starter: Andrew Harris

Depth: Pascal Lochard

Practice roster: Timothy Flanders

Andrew Harris’ value to this team cannot be emphasized enough. If the Bombers are going to become a top-3 offense, it’s only possible if Andrew Harris does not miss an extended period of time. His abilities as a pass-blocker and as a receiver is what this club has desperately needed for the past two seasons, as neither Paris Cotton, Nic Grigsby or Cam Marshall were adequate in both areas. Tim Flanders will likely come off of the practice roster to be the starter should Harris miss a start, but it’ll be Pascal Lochard subbing in while Harris is healthy – and that is concerning. Harris, 29, is expected to lead the league in rushing yards and in yards-from-scrimmage, but considering how valuable the running back position is with Willy and Nichols as quarterback, it’s difficult to be content with the depth the Bombers have behind their hometown product.

Grade: B+


Additions: none

Starter: Chris Normand

Depth: Pascal Lochard

Practice roster: Tim Cronk

One of the few roster transactions the Bombers made on cut-down day that I disagreed with, the Blue & Gold are set to roll with second-year Laval product Chris Normand, with veteran Tim Cronk on the practice. While it’s evident that Paul Lapolice doesn’t intend on using his fullbacks often on offense, I’m just not convinced that Normand is ready to displace Cronk, who was solid in 2015. The move to only roll with one fullback, however, is welcomed; the Bombers have talented Canadians elsewhere that need a spot on roster in a more valuable position. The lone fullback should be Cronk, though.

Grade: C


Additions: Weston Dressler (FA), Ryan Smith (FA), Jace Davis (INT rookie), Quincy McDuffie (FA), Thomas Mayo (INT rookie), Gerrard Shephard (INT rookie), Kris Adams (INT rookie)

Starters: Weston Dressler (WR), Ryan Smith (SB), Darvin Adams (SB), Jace Davis (SB), Rory Kohlert (SB)

Depth: Quincy McDuffie, Julian Feoli-Gudino, Kris Bastien, Addison Richards (6-game), Kris Adams (1-game)

Practice-roster: Thomas Mayo, Gerrard Shephard

The Bombers completely revamped this unit, signing prized free agents Weston Dressler and Ryan Smith in replacement of Nick Moore and Clarence Denmark. Dressler is still an elite receiver in the league, while Smith should enter that category with another successful season under his belt. Darvin Adams, a solid complimentary receiver, and Jace Davis bring size to the group, while Rory Kohlert is an adequate Canadian pass-catcher at field-side wideout. Davis is an intriguing product, as although he failed to register a catch in his lone preseason game, he seemed to get good separation, and has dominated in practice. For a number of reasons, the Bombers’ pass-catchers have let Willy down since he arrived in Winnipeg, but this group seems poised to fix that.

Grade: A-


Additions: Travis Bond (INT rookie), Jamarcus Hardrick (FA), Manase Foketi (INT rookie), Michael Couture (CDN rookie), Jeff Keeping (FA)

Starters: Stanley Bryant Jr. (LT), Jamarcus Hardrick (LG), Mathias Goossen (C), Sukh Chungh (RG), Patrick Neufeld (RT)

Depth: Jeff Keeping (6-game), Michael Couture, Travis Bond (1-game)

Practice Roster: Manase Foketi

The center, left guard and right tackle positions were two huge burdens on Winnipeg’s offense last year; Sukh Chungh, as expected as a rookie starting in all 18 games, was a below-average right guard; Patrick Neufeld took over in the final third off the season at right tackle, and while he’s still a slightly below-average right tackle in the league, he was easily the club’s best option last year. Goossen, meanwhile, must continue to develop, and he should be an above-average center by years end. The biggest questions surrounds Chungh: he has the potential to become the CFL’s best offensive lineman, but how much of a jump will he take in year two? Playing the hardest position on the line, Chungh’s next step is to become more consistent in year two while continuing to refine his overall game. Stanley Bryant, at left tackle, provides the group with consistently solid play, while Jamarcus Hardrick appears to be a significant upgrade over the Bombers’ recent left guards. Travis Bond should be the starter – he was the best player, both offensively and defensively, on the field against Montreal – but it appears he’ll start on the 1-game injured list while Michael Couture, who’s not nearly ready for this role, will serve as the sixth offensive lineman in Jeff Keeping’s absence.

Grade: B-


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