Henoc Muamba on the trade block

As reported by Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette, the Montreal Alouettes are supposedly shopping former Winnipeg Blue Bombers middle linebacker Henoc Muamba, who they signed in September 2015.

After spending the 2014 season with the Indianapolis Colts and then being cut in training camp the following year, Muamba signed with his home-province Alouettes in October, starting 4 games. Muamba looked great in those games, recording 14 tackles and one interception until he was sidelined with an injury for the end of the year.

Montreal is noticeably packed at inside linebacker with incumbents Muamba, Bear Woods, Kyler Elsworth, Kyries Hebert and the recently re-signed Winston Venable. It’s no surprise that Montreal is looking to trade the priciest of bunch in Muamba, who’s making around $250,000 annually.

Kirk Penton reports that the Bombers have not contacted the Alouettes regarding Muamba, likely because of his heavy price-tag. Ian Wild is currently penciled in as the starting middle linebacker in Winnipeg and that’s no problem, but Muamba would absolutely be an upgrade.

Already having to release a bevy of veterans, don’t expect Kyle Walters to make this trade happen for salary cap reasons.


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